An Honest Life

From overcoming racism in Hollywood to building an empire from the ground up, Jessica Alba has earned her success on her own terms. The L.A.’s Finest star and founder of both The Honest Company and Honest Beauty discusses going her own way with Sanjiv Bhattacharya.
Photography by Will Davidson; Styling by Tracy Taylor

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An Honest Life with Jessica Alba
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Passion, Grit & A Billion Dollar Brand | Jessica Alba

The Secret to Jessica Alba’s Success
She’s turned The Honest Company into a billion-dollar brand—here’s how she made it all happen.

JessicaAlba09aThere are celebrities with lifestyle brands, and then there’s Jessica Alba. In just three and a half years, the actress turned entrepreneur has transformed The Honest Company, the line of eco-friendlier personal-care products she cofounded, into a big—make that very big—business. Though any Target shopper can get a sense of the company’s success simply by scanning the shelves, the stats are staggering: more than 120 products, including household cleaners, toothpaste, vitamins and diapers, all formulated without toxic chemicals. Alba and her cofounders have raised an estimated $222 million in outside investment; sales ballooned to a reported $150 million last year; some 350 people are on the payroll. Expansions to South Korea and China are in the works. The company is now worth a cool $1.7 billion.

JessicaAlba09b JessicaAlba09cThe Secret to Jessica Alba’s Success
Self Magazine, October 2015
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