THE Exposure Triangle

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This cheatcard explains in an extremely simple way the effect of aperture, exposure time and ISO. It should not be missing in any photo bag.

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Nikon D4 vs Canon 1DX ISO test-off





“Nikon D4 and a day old Canon 1DX to the Bristol Photovision Roadshow this week.  Interestingly enough the question I was asked more than anything was ‘which is better in low light – have Canon caught up?’.

Well to be honest I suspected the Nikon was still ahead, having been blown away by its ability to shoot (and focus) in near darkness but there was only one way to find out!

So I’ve brought both cameras home with for a not very scientific test on our kitchen table using the same Zeiss 35mm lens on each camera.”


“So does the Nikon still hold the crown?  Well yes but not by as much as people would think considering how good it is.  One thing I did notice the difference in metering.  The Nikon was consistently set to a lower meter reading than the Canon yet still the photos came out brighter!  So apologies for not matching exactly.”

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