Digital Infrared Photography

I am so excited to be able to write this book and share with you what I have learned about digital IR photography. Infrared photography is easily attainable by the novice and professional alike. Why? Because it’s digital! We have transcended film photography and now have the wonderful opportunity to be able to photograph digitally. No darkrooms, no chemicals, no worries about light leaking in and ruining precious film. We are free to experiment over and over; the learning curve is much less steep. We can truly be artists and are limited only by our imaginations.
—Deborah Sandidge

Infrared light offers photographers another artistic avenue to explore. You don’t need years of experience or expensive equipment. Just grab an IR filter or a converted digital camera, and you’re ready to enter the fascinating world of infrared photography. The unique effects you can create with IR photography are limited only by your imagination. In these pages, you’ll discover the practical information about file formats and composition as well as plenty of creative inspiration.
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Digital Infrared Photography
by Deborah Sandidge
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Reimagining Californian Landscapes Through Infrared

Kate Ballis transforms familiar scenes into Technicolor dreamscapes in her new Infra Realism series
At first glance, Kate Ballis’ candy-coloured landscapes are reminiscent of the hand-tinted photographs that were prevalent in the mid-19th century, but these gorgeous popsicle-palette images were created with the aid of a specially converted infrared camera as opposed to a paintbrush.

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Reimagining Californian Landscapes Through Infrared by Kate Ballis
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Infrared Photography Inspirations and Tips

irphoto01 irphoto02 irphoto03 irphoto04“… The cheap solution for infrared photography is to use processed E-6 film strip as filter. The filter you want to use completely depends on your desire for getting results. There are many filters available in the market but B+W 77nm 093 F-PRO is quite good in removing the visible spectrum.
The Best way to do infrared photography is to convert your camera into an IR one. This gives more space for doing your photography. DSLR’s have low-pass filter which block the infrared light, so by replacing this filter with infrared sensitive one. By doing this, the camera becomes highly sensitive to IR light, as it is to Normal light. …”

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