« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »

« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »
By Tobias Gawrisch

tobiasgawrisch02a“Although I’m a german Photographer living in Germany, I’m luckily only living around 60km from the border to the Netherlands.

tobiasgawrisch02bAnd it just so happens that I’m an architectural photographer as well, visiting the Netherlands ever so often.

tobiasgawrisch02cThe modern design and architecture of the Netherlands have always astonished me! It seems that every little town has its own special design. Whether it’s a bridge, a skyscraper, a hotel or some other architectural masterpiece – everywhere you look you’ll find some clever and beautiful modern designs in architecture.

tobiasgawrisch02dI haven’t seen most of this country’s beauty, I’m sure! But what I’ve seen so far makes me want to visit and photograph the Netherlands time and time again!”

tobiasgawrisch02e« I Photographed The Vastly Diverse Architecture Of The Netherlands »
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Life is Better At The Top

Life is Better At The Top

Rooftop07aPyramids at Giza – Cairo
Though the hotel itself bears the unremarkable name of the Pyramids Inn Motel, if you climb to the roof, you’ll be treated to one of the best views of the Giza pyramids to be found anywhere. Lined up along the horizon like Rockettes, it’s a wonderful sight, so long as it’s not obscured by sandstorms.

Rooftop07bBasilica di Santa Maria – Florence

Rooftop07cBarcelona – Spain

Rooftop07dCé La Vi – Singapore

Rooftop07eTour Montparnasse – Paris

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