Comes A Horseman

Jill De Jong by William Rylott
Palos Verdes, California

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Comes A Horseman
Model Jill De Jong, Photographer William Rylott
Stylist Jason Le Bra, Hair and Make-up Melyna Reese
Horse Trainer Rachael McCaskill, Handler Bekah Brownfield

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Gigi Hadid’s Couture Fairy Tale

Gigi Hadid’s Couture Fairy Tale
Fashion’s model of the moment plays dress up in the most exquisite looks of the season.
Photographs by Karl Lagerfeld

gigihadid09a gigihadid09b gigihadid09c gigihadid09d gigihadid09e gigihadid09fGigi Hadid’s Couture Fairy Tale
Fashion’s model of the moment plays dress up in the most exquisite looks of the season.
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Series – Emotions | Claire Droppert

Series – Emotions
by Claire Droppert

ClaireDroppert07aEmotion is a complex psychological phenomenon which occurs as animals or people live their lives. Emotions involve physiological arousal, appraisal of the situation, expressive behaviours and conscious experience. Emotion is associated with feeling, mood, temperament, personality, disposition and also motivation.

ClaireDroppert07bThe emotions of a horse in its prominent and majestic beauty, captured in a unique, natural environment.

ClaireDroppert07cIn this series, I intend to focus primarily on the character, elegance, power and nobleness of the horse. Working with tones, colours and contrasts, I wanted to create a feeling that will appeal to your emotions.

ClaireDroppert07dSeries – Emotions
by Claire Droppert

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Black and White Photography Tips

Black and White Photography Tips
It is often believed that good photos are ones with beautiful colors. However, there are other forms of photography such as black and white, monochromatic, infrared etc. There is much more than simple shining colors in pictures. Photography is the recording of light regardless of color and outcome. Black and white has been popular since the early days where cameras would only take these images and were unable to interpret colors.

BWphototips1“Into the wild” captured by Alin Petrus

BWphototips2Photo captured by Guy Standley

BWphototips3“The buffalo man” captured by Thomas Jeppesen

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