Canicule | Heat Wave

“Canicule” series (“Heat Wave” in english) performed during a hot day in late summer. We wanted to push the extreme sensuality, chills, skin texture, contrasts … We shot on bed, in natural light, and everything was as smooth an ice cube on wet skin.

Cindy Kirovograd shot by Lys Tiger

“Be yourself, be another, that we would like to be or that we are in silence …Through an encounter combining both universes, photography for me is the expression of a desire, a fantasy or reality. The opportunity to dare to break down barriers, to tremble a moment, diving into a dream. The opportunity to plural meetings and timeless creations”
Cindy Kirovograd

“I’m Lys, French female photographer, passionate of eroticism and fascinated by the curves, by the light that sculpts the hollow, and sublime them… I photograph on instinct, I research the animal side that hides in all of us. But I do not like to tell my life, and prefer to let my work speak for me”
Lys Tiger

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Canicule | Heat Wave
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