Photographer Captures the Disappearing Beauty of Greenland’s Icebergs

On a recent trip to Greenland, landscape photographer Albert Dros had the opportunity to sail through the waters around Disko Bay. Located on the west coast of the country, the area is filled with wildlife like walruses, seals, and whales. They frolic in the icy waters that are dotted with icebergs. While Dros was in the area, he had a chance to experience the changing dynamic of Greenland’s environment and shoot some incredible imagery.

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Photographer Captures the Disappearing Beauty of Greenland’s Icebergs
Interview by Jessica Stewart

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West Greenland’s Tales

Greenland is a land of harshness and contrast. Dark and freezing-cold in winter, in summer it changes its face and bathes in sunshine for months on end. In the west of the huge island lies Disko Bay, a haven of still water and beautiful landscapes. The magnificent Sermeq Qujalek (Ilulissat Glacier), which connects to the bay through the 60km long Kangia Fjord, is one of the world’s fastest moving glaciers, constantly producing enormous icebergs, which float along the fjord to be dispersed in the bay. After a long summer where the sun never sets, it first touches the horizon in late July, producing unbelievable light on the bay and its icebergs. This is the perfect timing to set sail among these giants, capturing the arctic night in all its glory.

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