Photographie culinaire par Kai Schwabe

Kai Schwabe se spécialise depuis plus de 20 ans dans le genre de la photographie culinaire. Il affirme qu’avec ses photographies, il joue avec les sens et crée de délicieuses photographies pour des entreprises bien connues de l’industrie alimentaire. En fait, si vous regardez ses photos, l’imagination vous fait une blague et vous pouvez presque sentir la pizza ou le café. Vous avez forcément un appétit.

Ses travaux comprennent la prise de recettes et l’élaboration de recettes, des alambics alimentaires, des photographies de boissons, des films sur les aliments, des emballages et d’autres supports publicitaires. Il suffit de jeter un coup d’œil dans votre propre réfrigérateur ou congélateur pour savoir que Kai Schwabe ne manque dans aucune cuisine.

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Photographie culinaire par Kai Schwabe
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Foodies of SA: The Most Viral Recipes Ever!

Local is extra lekker in this cookbook that brings you mouth-watering recipes like Pap in a Pumpkin, Cheesy Braai Bombs, A-maize-ing Chakalaka Dippers, Croque Meneer and Steri Stumpie Hot Chocolate.

Foodies of South Africa is synonymous with epic recipes, wicked combos, extra cheesy delights and dripping sauces.

With over 730 000 followers on Facebook, including a few local celebrities like Lorna Maseko and Dineo Ranaka, Foodies of South Africa’s videos have gone viral. In the last year their videos got more shares than all of the top 50 brands in the country combined.

Every week 4 million of their fans view their delicious recipes – in a good week this figure goes up to 10 million. Their fans also love to comment on and share the recipes and even upload photos when they have made the dishes. The book will also include several fan comments from Facebook.

To the team from Foodies of SA food is much more than just food. It is also an intimate and intricate part of one’s life story, it is belonging, heritage, culture… and connection.

This is a book that is bound to become a much-consulted, dog-eared, flour-dusted, timeworn companion.

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Foodies of SA
The Most Viral Recipes Ever!

Sexy Sicilian Seafood

Bold flavours, poppy colours and ingredients bar none. Reimagine your seafood feast with a Sicilian spin.

(Bruny Island Oyster with Kombucha and Raspberries Vinaigrette)
Instead of tangy, fiery Tabasco sauce or a classic mignonette sauce, try this Sicilian recipe. The creamy texture of the oysters, acidity of kombucha and sweetness of raspberries will provide a satisfying kick.
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(Spiced Octopus leg with Lemon Potato, Radish, Bottarga Mayonnaise)
Inspired by the Sicilian octopus and potato cold salad, this rework of the classic salad dish showcases the light and creamy flavours of bottarga mayonnaise, complementing the charred, crunchy octopus leg.
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Gambero Rosso Di Mazara
(Sicilian Red Prawns with Heirloom Cherry Tomato salad)
Sicilian’s famous gamero rosso (red prawns) gets a show-stopping showcase. Its naturallyred hue is accentuated by multi-coloured heirloom tomatoes. A drizzle of balsamic vinegar completes the pretty picture.
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(Squid Ink Tonnarelli with Blue Lobster in Spicy Brandy Sauce)
Spike your lobster meat with brandy, which possess a graceful bitterness and subtle spicy flavour contributed by the rich lobster sauce.
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Sexy Sicilian Seafood
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Egg & Potato. Fish & Fowl. Four Seasons of Exploration.

The challenge here was to choose four simple ingredients, the basic building blocks of so many wonderful dishes, and prepare each four different ways. These four were chosen because of of their versatility and the essential place they occupy in cuisines of all cultures. The different preparations of each ingredient were inspired by the four seasons of the year.

This project, as always, was a Bruton Stroube team effort. Food and prop stylists, producers and digital artists all got in on the fun. We considered dozens of props and backgrounds. We brainstormed tons of recipe ideas, and worked hard to make beautiful photographs.
Enjoy the photos. You can see more of what we do at

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Egg & Potato. Fish & Fowl. Four Seasons of Exploration.
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Grand Imaging Award 2019 finalists named by Professional Photographers of America

Professional Photographers of America has announced the Grand Imaging Award finalists for 2019.

The 100 finalists’ images have been deemed the best of the 2018 PPA International Photographic Competition. The Grand Imaging Award finalists, 10 each in 10 categories, were selected from 5,200 entries judged by a panel of 32 jurors.

At Imaging USA 2019, the top three photographers in each category will receive awards, with one of the 10 first-place images taking the overall Grand Imaging Award and a $1,000 cash prize.
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Grand Imaging Award 2019 finalists named by Professional Photographers of America
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Food for Thought

Influenced by a previous career in graphic design, Angela Miller’s commercial photography work includes food, interiors, product and people. And a willingness to go that one step further.
‘I’m that kid who grew up with a camera in one hand and a sketchbook in the other.”
And to some extent, Angela Miller APP AAIPP still has both in her hand today!

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Angela Miller: Food for Thought
more in AIPP Journal — Issue 264 — August 2018
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