Stunning Waterscapes – Choosing the Right Amount of Blur

In this article, Hans Strand will explain his techniques for capturing just the right amount of motion blur for his style of waterscape photography, including the differences between shooting river rapids, lakes and seashores. And he explains his use of focus stacking to create beautiful water images with incredible detail.

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Stunning Waterscapes – Choosing the Right Amount of Blur
Photography by Hans Strand
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Tweak Your Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern

Tweak Your Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern
c’t Digital Photography – Fall 2015

Focus Stacking, Trap Focus and Magic Zoom are all features that some Canon cameras have but that you can’t use unless you unlock them using the free Magic Lantern firmware add-on. A clever piece of software that incorporates a host of additional photo and video functions for a range of Canon DSLRs (and the mirrorless EOS M), it is simple to install, use and uninstall. This article explains how.

MagicLantern09aFocus Stacking
Macro photography gives you insights into fascinating and almost endless worlds of new and exciting subjects. However, all macro photographers have to deal with extremely shallow depth of field, a problem that can only be moderately alleviated by stopping the aperture down. Magic Lantern’s Stack Focus function provides a useful solution to this well-known problem.

MagicLantern09bTrap Focus, Focus Peak and Magic Zoom
Focus stacking requires patience, a stationary subject and an autofocus lens. The manual lenses, bellows units and reversing rings often required for macro photography make automated focus stacking impossible. But never fear – Magic Lantern has solutions for situations like these too.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques come into play when the range of contrast in a subject exceeds the dynamic range of the camera’s image sensor. If you capture a conventional image of such a high-contrast subject, some shadow and/or highlight detail will be lost.

MagicLantern09d MagicLantern09eHave you ever been annoyed to discover that some of the features built in to your Canon DSLR have been disabled by the manufacturer for some inexplicable reason? Well fret no more! A group of clever programmers has discovered a back door unintentionally left open by Canon’s engineers that makes it possible to enhance your camera’s feature set to include functions it was never intended to have.

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c’t Digital Photography – Fall 2015
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