Shining Examples of Bokeh

We all know what bokeh is these days. It’s those lovely highlights created in the areas where spots of light occur that are beyond the field of focus. Bokeh can be real, and it can also be added in post-production. Check out this selection of photos: real or post-production?

Butterfly by Kutub Uddin
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Flower by Małgorzata Sonnberg
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Cat by Vanessa Marková
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Mushroom by Julie Merle
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Portrait by Luca Foscili
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An inspiring approach to photography

Clean, spare, and meditative, joSon’s photography reveals a mind of extraordinary focus as well as a deep sense of captivating simplicity. Perhaps these qualities can be attributed to the fact that joSon lived in a Buddhist temple from age 10 to age 18, gardening, drawing, and teaching art to the resident monks. When he turned 18, the temple master told him he was destined for artistry, noting that, “Life chooses us and takes us places.” Here, joSon shares how his experiences played a role in shaping his life as a photographer, and why his images incorporate what he was looking for in the temple—a deep desire for peace, combined with an inspired approach to life.

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Insights and ideas from joSon, Adobe® Photoshop® user

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The World of Flower Photography

Guides & Suggestions that will help you make your flower images look stunning by Kathleen Clemons.
You don’t have to look far into the world of flower photography to be amazed at the distinct work of Kathleen Clemons. She is best known for her floral photography which incorporates natural light and unique compositions, working in such a way that macro photography is taken to a whole new level. Most recently, she has been described as the “Georgia O’Keeffe of flower photography”.

KathleenClemons06a KathleenClemons06b KathleenClemons06cThe World of Flower Photography
by Kathleen Clemons

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