The new Nikon D7500 | 20 things you need to know

Nikon’s new DX-format DSLR offers enthusiasts speed, performance and value. We list the 20 key features you need to know about.
The new D7500 slots in between the D7200 and the D500, right at the top of Nikon’s DX-format digital SLR range. It’s designed for keen enthusiasts who want the best possible combination of performance and value, and it would also suit those who are looking to upgrade to a more powerful camera from their first Nikon DSLR. The specs are very exciting. The 20.9-megapixel sensor is one of Nikon’s latest, and the 8fps continuous shooting speed is really impressive for a DSLR in this price bracket. Almost more amazing, though, is the D7500’s incredible maximum ISO setting. We make a lot of comparisons between the D7500 and the existing D7200 and D500 models in this special six-page preview, because this little group of cameras poses some interesting choices. The D7200 is great value, but is starting to show its age, while the D500 is extremely powerful, but more expensive. So maybe the D7500 combines the best of both worlds, with the affordability of the D7200 and the power of the D500? Let’s take a look…

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The new Nikon D7500 | 20 things you need to know
via NPhoto Magazine — Issue 72 – June 2017


The Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG Art: A First-Look by Ryan Brown

The Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG Art
A First-Look by Ryan Brown

… I had the chance to photograph two different models with the 135mm Art series lens.  One of my favorite ways to photograph a model is to keep the camera level while lowering the entire camera.  This gives the appearance of more power to the model.  When looking at the portraits, you will notice that the 135mm focal length creates a great amount of compression with the subject to the background.  The bokeh of this focal length with its wide f/1.8 aperture creates a stunning, almost surreal quality to the background.  In addition to the background, I photographed the female model with flowers in the foreground.  With the thin depth of field at f/2.5 this image shows the blurred foreground and background that draws your eye into the subject. …

The 135mm F1.8 DG HSM | Art lens on a Portrait Shoot!
by Ryan Brown

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