The Seventh Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award | A Global Celebration of the Image

Presenting the winners of The Exposure Award 2017.
Grand-prize winner Christian Werner/Zeitenspiegel

“Road to Ruin”
With the fall of Aleppo, the regime of Bashar Assad once again controls the country’s second-largest city. But is reconciliation possible in the country? This series depicts a journey through the dictator’s state.
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The Seventh Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award | A Global Celebration of the Image
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Canon Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of Canon DSLR photography in half a day with our guide.
Words: James Paterson Illustrations: Andy McLaughlin

canoncc01One of the most enticing things about photography is that it’s such an easy hobby to start. Yet it offers untold depth to those who choose to look for it. Anybody can take a picture, and almost everybody you know has a camera. But just a little extra knowledge is all it takes to separate the real Canon DSLR enthusiast from the occasional snapper.

The Canon Crash Course we’ve lined up for you over the following pages puts the focus on the fundamental aspects of photography that matter most. Dive in!

canoncc01a canoncc01b canoncc01c canoncc01dComposition
Arranging a scene’s elements into a harmonious composition is easy when you know how…

canoncc01e canoncc01fCanon Crash Course
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Create Your Own Style in Street Photography

Street photography has grown and rebelled against dogmas. It’s time for your own style.
Photos & Text: Gathot Subroto

gathotsubroto12a gathotsubroto12b gathotsubroto12c gathotsubroto12d gathotsubroto12eIt is frequently asked why those people, including me, choose street photography; why don’t they choose such other photography genres as landscape, fashion, culture, food and others? Certainly the answers could be diverse, different from one to another.

One of the most general reasons is its practicality. Street photography is easy to do. We just go out and interact with public spaces around us. All the places offer different stories and interactions making the street photography not expensive. Wo don’t need to go far away by plane to find its subjects, and also don’t need to buy expensive photography equipments.

I myself knew street photography because of my curiosity and I wanted to try something new. It was the beginning before I then explored and felt that there was something interesting in the genre.

gathotsubroto12fGathot Subroto
Active in photography since 1990 when he was involved in publishing his campus magazine, he has learned photography autodidactically. He works now as a civil servant at the Indonesia Ministry of Finance. He is one of Indonesian X-photographers – official photographers of Fujifilm Corp.

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Exposure 101st Edition

Metering matters

Peter Gray explains how metering modes control how your DSLR dictates exposure.
Metering is how your camera measures the brightness of a scene before you take a shot, and can have a significant effect on the exposure of your images.

MeteringMatters08a MeteringMatters08bMetering matters
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Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography

Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography
Digital Camera Settings
– The Absolute Beginner Guide To Camera Preset Shooting Modes
– What Are Drive Modes?
– Beginner’s Guide To Geotagging
– Beginner’s Guide To White Balance Mode
– Introduction To Metering Modes
– Quick Beginner Tips About Focus Lock
– Digital Zoom: A Beginner’s Guide
Understanding Exposure
– Creative Aperture / Depth Of Field
– Beginner’s Tips: How To Make A Manual Exposure
– Beginner’s Introduction To Depth Of Field
– Beginner’s Tips: Shutters and Apertures Anyone?
– Beginner’s Tips: How To Use ISO
– Beginner’s Guide To DSLR Photography: Creative Apertures

Tutos01aTaking The Shot
– Essential Beginner Photography Tips: Think About Your Focus
– Creative Children Portraits On A Budget
– Panoramas For Beginners
– Beginner’s Tips – How To Capture Motion In Your Images
– How To Make Sure Your Subject Is The Main Point Of Interest
– 5 Tips For Someone New To Portrait Photography
– Beginner’s Guide To Sunrise Photography
– Ten Top Tips To Teach Photography Newbies
– Beginner Wildlife Photography Tips
– Beginner Street Photography Tips
– Beginner’s Guide On Photographing Children
– Beginner’s Guide To Photo Composition
– Understanding Lenses And Focal Lengths
Seasonal Tutorials
– Snow Photography Tips For Beginners
– Beginner’s Tips For Christmas Photography
– Tips On Using Your Compact Camera At Christmas

Tutos01bBasic Lighting Tips
– Beginner’s Guide to Light Part One
– Beginner’s Guide To Light – Part Two
– Beginner’s Introduction To Built-In Flash

Must-Read Tutorials For Those New To Photography
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The 3 Most Important Camera Settings for Beginners

The 3 Most Important Camera Settings for Beginners
by Ashwin J

CarlyWebber02a“Crazy Dizzy Spin” captured by Carly Webber

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This article aims to help beginners understand the correlation of three important factors of digital photography. Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings are the three most important camera settings when it comes to exposure…

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7 Essential Things Every Photographer Needs to Learn

So you want to take great photos? You want to up your game as a photographer? This is where to start.

7phototips011. Know Your Camera
2. Understand Exposure
“A good exposure is how bright you want the image to be.”

7phototips023. Master Light
“Keep seeking light, keep learning about it, and keep pushing yourself into new lighting situations. It will bring you a lifetime of photographic adventures, and more than a few great images.”
4. Explore Depth of Field
“Depth of field is a huge part of your photography that you probably greatly underestimate.”

7phototips035. Get to Know Perspective
“Perspective has to do with the spatial relationships between objects in your frame – their sizes, their placements, and the space between them.”
6. Conquer Composition
7. Perfect Your Post-Processing

7phototips04— – —

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