Delve into the shadows and take your imagemaking to a new level

The Shadow Effect: Creative Lighting, Posing, and Composition for Photographers
Photographers know that they must use highlight and shadow to create a sense of dimension in their portraits, sculpt their subject’s features, and add palpable mood in their images. However, enterprising photographers know that these uses of shadow only scratch the surface when it comes to maximizing their portrait effects. They are willing to go to surprising lengths to create dramatic shadow patterns that add texture, a sense of mystery, and compositional interest in their portraits.

In this beautifully illustrated book, award-winning photographer David Beckstead showcases 180 of his most powerful images and explains how each shadow effect was created using commercial lighting, natural light, store-bought modifiers, and even common household items. Armed with the techniques outlined in this book, you will find a host of creative means to introduce and manipulate shadow patterns—both in the studio and on location—and watch your creative efforts and profits surge.

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The Shadow Effect: Creative Lighting, Posing, and Composition for Photographers
by David Beckstead

Creative Lighting

Winners of the Creative Lighting Photo Contest
“Thank you to all the photographers who shared their photos in the Creative Light Photo Contest. The idea behind this contest was to share photos showing creative ways to use light and the results were amazing. A big congratulations to all the participants, this was a very difficult contest to judge and we are happy to announce the following winners.”

creative101Congratulations to the Grand Jury Winner “Just 1 more page…” by vbheatherkeever228836

creative102Congratulations Runner Up Winner “anyone out there?” by tassanee

creative103Congratulations Runner Up Winner “Old Fisherman” by alova

creative104Congratulations to the People’s Choice “Night Glow” by anitae403

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