Love is in the Air

“There’s so much I want to capture in my work, I feel sometimes I miss the boat on it completely. I’m really fueled by cinematic imagery…” Kaitlyn Mikayla

“I’d been dying to do a sexy bedroom set for awhile, but feared it would look like a cheesy Lifetime movie or a silly Cosmo sex article. It’d been a challenge to find two models who were actually in love, but when Alexis contacted me, I instantly knew she and Mark would be the one. We met up at Arlo Hotels, who were gracious enough to offer us a room to shoot.” tells New York based photographer Kaitlyn Mikayl. “I was so nervous because I’d never shot anything this hot. But Alexis Fabie & Mark Mandia immediately put me at ease. They were so comfortable being intimate on camera which made everything a breeze. And yes, they’re truly so in love that it’s infectious. I’ve never left a shoot in such a romantic mood.”
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Love is in the Air
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Andrew Birkin on his sister Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

Q & A: Andrew Birkin on His Sister Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg
Sent to France in 1968 on an assignment to photograph potential locations for an upcoming Stanley Kubrick film, Andrew Birkin soon turned his lens on his younger sister Jane and her new beau Serge Gainsbourg. “For Kubrick, I was photographing very sterile museum pieces, so it was very refreshing to have subjects such as Serge and Jane—Serge always fascinated me. I always thought he was rather beautiful,” Birkin said over the phone to the other day from his house in “the wiles of North Wales.”
by Gillian Sagansky

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Vladimir Zotov

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