Heroes and Villains of Cosplay

Cosplayers: Julia Harlow, Ali Williams, Emperiam, Natasha Nova, Kan Stelar, Adrestia Cosplay, Kimberley Lye, Holly Wolf, Jinglebooboo
Characters: Juri Han, Nuka Girl, Tifa, Wonder Woman, Undyne, Blood Elf, X-23, Zero Suit Samus, Black Cat
Photographers: @burlesquephotographer, Coldbluesky Photography, MAD Creativity Photography, Shannon Fontaine, @tw1tch3n, WithU Photography

Emperiam by Sahand Vafaee
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Natasha Nova by MAD Creativity Photography
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Kan Stelar by Shannon Fontaine
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Julia Harlow by @burlesquephotographer
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Jinglebooboo by Coldbluesky Photography
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Heroes and Villains of Cosplay
Issue 3
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Cosplay Composition: David Love Photography & Design

Photographer and Designer David Love shares his favorite images and gives insight on the process of photographing Cosplayers and adding the extra touch to bring the characters to life. Features Cosplayers Jenifer Ann, Heather1337, Dahlia Thomas, Ellei Marie, Veron, Danny Cozplay, Misdreavus M Cosplay, Handsome Jordan Cosplay, Megan Coffey and more.

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Cosplay Composition: David Love Photography & Design
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Cosplay Portraits by Alexander Lloyd

For us, the human beings, there could be nothing more ‘personal’ than a portrait. You look through a pair of eyes and find every single person hiding some emotions deep within. Making of a portrait involves intricate techniques, observant eyes, and a creative mind because a portrait is not supposed to be merely an image; it rather has to hold the essence of the individual personality.

Nulla di più “personale” di un ritratto. Una tecnica non facile, perchè il ritratto non deve essere solo “un immagine”. Deve cogliere l’Essenza dell’individuo ritratto. Sia una dolce fanciulla dagli occhi languidi, un Rude vecchio con la pelle segnata dal tempo, o un bimbo con gli occhi tristi, il Ritratto deve colpire, deve farti perdere in quello sguardo, dolce o smarrito, devi cogliere il sogno di quella dolce fanciulla, o il sapore amaro della sofferenza. Osservate a fondo questi occhi. Ognuno nasconde un profondo sentimento.

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Portraits by Alexander Lloyd
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