There Is No Value In Beauty

Do you want this image? You can have it — free. I don’t care. Hi-res, all rights, whatever you want. Why? Because it’s just beautiful.

Beauty began losing value years ago, as soon as the effort required to achieve it starting dropping. And it dropped fast — sampled music let us have quality drum tracks, piano and guitar chords without needing the actual instruments. Target started carrying Michael Graves-designed household items. Everyone got a pretty nice camera. YouTube taught us all the tricks. Google offered up images that people used in their blog posts and articles with a simple search. Filters and editing apps have given us all an understanding of post work (a photographer recently showed me an exchange with a model where she showed him how she liked her face to be retouched). And now, images and video that once took tens of thousands of dollars to achieve are being grabbed on the cheap with camera technology that puts high-end production in the hands of the masses: gimbals, image stabilization, sliders, editing effects… anyone can do anything. It’s not hard, you just have to want to go get it. …
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There Is No Value In Beauty
by Josh S. Rose
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Setting The Scene

If you like cityscapes or landscapes then this round is for you. The brief is purposefully loose, and we are happy to receive images featuring anything from contemporary architecture to grand, mountainous vistas. From the early morning sun throwing shadows onto a skyscraper, to the undulating form of hills receding into the distance, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to be abstract in your interpretation: architecture, for instance, is full of curves, lines and other interesting details. When it comes to shooting the landscape, light is everything – so pay attention to sunrise and sunset times, the weather forecast and tide timetables, where appropriate. Whether you go urban or rural, planning is a must.

The Future by Neil Burnell
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Calm before the storm by Dominic Beaven Photography
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In the middle of the forest… by Eurofoto
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Morning Moon by Julia Martin
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Untitled by Caron Steele
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Setting The Scene
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Visual Q&A with Alex Teuscher

Alex Teuscher is a self-taught photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. His work is predominantly commercial based and editorial. Alex is a foodie, movie enthusiast and a world traveler. He states, “One of my dream places to visit would be Antarctica, and am hoping to make that a reality soon.” We asked Alex some questions, questions that can only be answered with images…

What truly inspires you?

What is an important lesson you have learned?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

What makes a great shot?

Who are you?

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Visual Q&A with Alex Teuscher
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Jean-Paul Lefret | Archanges Urbains

Tout commence par la recherche ou la découverte d’un paysage urbain qui me permet d’exprimer au mieux cette idée d’animisme. … “

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