Urban Photography

The CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition is the largest of its kind, celebrating the richness and diversity of city life around the world by challenging both amateur and professional photographers alike to capture the essence of the urban environment.
The 2018 Urban Photographer of the Year winners have been announced!

Mel Chennell
2018 Mobile Winner.Truly Connected?
Photo Location: London, United Kingdom
— – —

Alec Herrera
2018 Americas Winner.Good Morning, Auckland
Photo Location: Auckland, New Zealand
— – —

Richard Morgan
2018 Overall Winner.What are you looking at?
Photo Location: Poznan, Poland
— – —

Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa
0900 Hourly Winner.Red Wall
Photo Location: Antigua, Guatemala
— – —

Torsten Koester
1700 Hourly Winner.Untitled
Photo Location: Stuttgart, Germany
— – —

Soyeta Paul
16-18 Youth Runner Up.He and His Friend in City of Joy
Photo Location: Kolkata, India
— – —

Nity Jannatul
1500 Hourly Runner Up.Working Hour
Photo Location: Manikganj , Bangladesh
— – —

MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan
1800 Hourly Runner Up.Stuttgart City Library
Photo Location: Stuttgart, Germany
— – —

Johann Almeida
1600 Hourly Runner Up.Relax Time
Photo Location: Paris, France
— – —

CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Competition
You can view all of the winning images here.