Speed of light: shooting cars with 600EX-RT flashguns

Speed of light: shooting cars with 600EX-RT flashguns
Dom Romney works in the fast lane. As a car photographer for magazines and manufacturers his work is in high demand for its clean style, great lighting, impeccable sharpness and bold composition. But it doesn’t come easy, as he reveals to CPN Editor David Corfield…

DomRomneyC01 DomRomneyC02 DomRomneyC03 DomRomneyC04 DomRomneyC05 DomRomneyC06“The car photographer gets a raw deal,” Dom Romney states. “You have to think on your feet all the time and be creative, even when everything is against you. It’s fine for a motoring journalist – they have the luxury of time and a heated driver’s seat – but the car photographer has to get the result, often at crazy angles hanging out the boots of cars, or in muddy footwells, time and again. It’s a tiring business, but the buzz when you get that amazing image is what keeps you coming back for more.”

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