Jean-Luc Grossmann | Burning Man

Burning Man is my first project under the name “PlanetVisible”, a side collaboration with two Zurich based photographer friends, Justin Hession and Pascal Richard. When deciding on a project we wanted something that was cultural, spiritual, unreal, uncommon as well as visual with a strong storytelling opportunity. We wanted something to discover and explore, but most importantly it needed to be something we were free to uncover as individuals. We wanted a project that gave the possibility of working on the same theme but interpreting it with our own self-expression, then seeing how these three viewpoints came together as one.

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Burning Man
Interview with Jean-Luc Grossmann

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Burning Man 2015

Burning Man 2015

Every year, participants in the Burning Man Festival descend on the playa of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to form a temporary city—a self-reliant community populated by performers, artists, free spirits, and more. An estimated 70,000 people came to Burning Man 2015 “Carnival of Mirrors” from all over the world to dance, express themselves, and take in the spectacle. Gathered below are some of the sights from the festival, photographed by Reuters photographer Jim Urquhart.

BurningMan2015a BurningMan2015b BurningMan2015c BurningMan2015d BurningMan2015e BurningMan2015fBurning Man 2015
by Alan Taylor
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Burning Man 2013: The Scene

Church Trap

burningmanscene01Among the most talked-about installations at Burning Man 2013 was “Church Trap,” descibed as “an interactive wonderland for the religiously rebellious.” It was created by Lakewood, California artist Rebekah Waites and crew.

The Rockbox

burningmanscene02The Rockbox, a bus-sized art car in the shape of an old-fashioned ghettoblaster, was created by Los Angeles artist Derek Wunder.

Photo Chapel

burningmanscene03“Photo Chapel” was a stunning and slightly creepy 40-foot Gothic-style cathedral covered with images and relief sculptures by Petaluma artist and photographer Mike Garlington.

Truth Is Beauty

burningmanscene04Marco Cochrane’s sculpture “Truth Is Beauty,” a 55-foot nude constructed of steel rods and mesh, was one of the most beautiful and striking art installations on the playa at Burning Man 2013.

Fire Dancer

burningmanscene05Surka Noelle, a fire dancer from Portland, Oregon, puts on a show at sunrise

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