Creating exceptional Brenizer panorama images

Atlanta-based photographer David Grano-De-Oro explains how Zeiss lenses help him create his stunning Brenizer images, sometimes referred to as ‘bokeh panorama’. In this in-depth interview with the Lenspire team, he also talks about the personal challenges of outdoor photography, his role as a photographic educator and how his autism has become his strength when creating compositions.

The author
David Grano-De-Oro
“Get out of your own way and embark on an adventure.”
David Grano-De-Oro began his love of photography during his last year at Dillard High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He started shooting photos to further his development in fine art painting. And it’s that root in fine art painting that directly influences his techniques in photography today. What’s more, he uses his autism to laser-focus on his work – an ability his wife, Kristen Grano-De-Oro, refers to as his superpower.
As self-confessed oddball, David boasts a more complex ethnic background than most – with Chinese, Jamaican and Dominican ancestry.
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Creating exceptional Brenizer panorama images
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The Brenizer Effect With Fantastic Examples

” If you keep up with fstoppers, it’s likely you saw some unique portraits posted HERE using the Brenizer Method. This post explains that method a little more. If you want to hear Ryan Brenizer explain his own method, he posted his own video on his website. If you you’re too lazy to watch the whole thing though, here’s a summary with some examples. …”

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