Secrets to the Nikon AF System

This is over 450 pages of everything I know about the Nikon AF system. It’s far more than just a supplement to the instruction manual, this is a guide that will teach you, step by step, how to really use the system! Each page will instill advice and confidence so you’ll feel completely comfortable each time you adjust your AF settings in the field.

We’ll examine everything from the basics of autofocus to how the AF system actually works inside the camera. We’ll look at all the different AF area modes (like Dynamic, Group, 3D, etc), I’ll show you new ways to focus that you may never have been exposed to before, we’ll discuss how the Live View AF system works, we’ll go over every custom setting for autofocus – what to use and why, we’ll look at all the AF controls on your lenses, we’ll cover AF fine tuning, killer focusing tips and techniques, and the top ten reasons you aren’t getting sharp images! WHEW!

“The book has been a pleasure to write and although you and I may never have crossed paths, it was a privilege sharing this with you. I hope we can meet out there in the field one day.
Until then, wishing you the best!”
~Steve Perry
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Secrets to the Nikon AF System
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EOS 7D Mark II AF-Setting Guidebook

EOS 7D Mark II AF-Setting Guidebook
Detailed explanations of how to master the 65-point cross-type AF

EOS7DMarkIIAFguidebookLearn more about how to customise the EOS 7D Mark II’s autofocus system according to individual shooting conditions.

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get the guide at canon

or here “EOS_7D_Mark_II_AF-Setting_Guide