Mastering Exposure and the Zone System

Every photographer using a digital SLR camera needs to master exposure in order to achieve the highest quality results in their photographs. “Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers” is a complete guide to both the technical and creative aspects of exposure in digital photography.

This guide uses a combination of discussion, examples, and hands-on exercises that lead the reader through a progression of skills development covering the full range of photographic lighting situations. Topics covered include basic metering, outdoor and indoor available light photography, fill flash, night, and low-light conditions, as well as advanced topics like action and sports, close-up, high-key and low-key lighting, multiple light sources. In conclusion, the author shows how to use the Zone System, developed by Ansel Adams for film, with today’s digital cameras to achieve stunning results with exceptional tonal range and clarity.

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Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers
by Lee Varis
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Portraits of the 20th Century

A collection of iconic and rarely seen portraits of visionaries, leaders, writers, actors, artists, musicians and notable personalities from the 20th Century.

portraits20th01Martine Franck
Henri Cartier Bresson – 1992

portraits20th02Yousuf Karsh
Ernest Hemingway – 1957

portraits20th03Jürgen Schadeberg
Nelson Mandela – 1994

portraits20th04Yousuf Karsh
Ansel Adams – 1977

portraits20th05Yousuf Karsh
Marc Chagall – 1965

portraits20th06Henri Cartier Bresson
Henri Matisse – 1944

portraits20th07Elliott Erwitt
Simone de Beauvoir – 1949

portraits20th08Arnold Newman
Senator John F. Kennedy – 1953

portraits20th09Arnold Newman
Igor Stravinsky – 1946

portraits20th10Sid Avery
Audrey Hepburn & her dog “Famous” – 1957

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Portraits of the 20th Century

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Ansel Adams : 400 Photographs

anseladamsbook400ANSEL ADAMS: 400 PHOTOGRAPHS presents the full spectrum of Adams’ work in a single volume for the first time, offering the largest available compilation from his legendary photographic career. Beautifully produced and presented in an attractive landscape trim, ANSEL ADAMS: 400 PHOTOGRAPHS will appeal to a general gift-book audience as well as Adams’ legions of dedicated fans and students.

anseladamsbookin1 anseladamsbookin2 anseladamsbookin3The photographs are arranged chronologically into five major periods, from his first photographs made in Yosemite and the High Sierra in 1916 to his work in the National Parks in the 1940s up to his last important photographs from the 1960s. An introduction and brief essays on selected images provide information about Adams’ life, document the evolution of his technique, and give voice to his artistic vision.

Few artists of any era can claim to have produced four hundred images of lasting beauty and significance. It is a testament to Adams’ vision and lifetime of hard work that a book of this scale can be compiled. ANSEL ADAMS: 400 PHOTOGRAPHS is a must-have for anyone who appreciates photography and the allure of the natural world.

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This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes.

This day in history

anseladams001Ansel Adams Birthday

Nice article “10 Things You Didn’t Know About The American Photographer” with photos, a good read at :

“Today is the birthday of American photographer and noted environmentalist, Ansel Adams, who is famous for his monochromatic landscapes and heartfelt enthusiasm for national parks. The photographer would turn 111 years old if he were still alive today.”

Happy Birthday Ansel Adams!