The mysterious Laurel trees of Madeira

There’s something awe-inspiring about ancient trees that have stood still for hundreds of years. Their strength, deeply rooted in the earth has captured the human imagination for years, and, in some cultures, trees are even considered sacred. Inspired by the lungs of our planet, Berlin-based photographer Michael Schlegel captures the mysterious Laurel trees of Madeira, a volcanic region of Portugal, in his series, simply titled Fanal.

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more in “Black and White Photos Capture the Eerie Enchantment of Madeira’s Ancient Trees”
by photographer Michael Schlegel

at mymodernmet

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“Landscape” 2018 Theme Winners

From coastal regions, to plains and magnificent mountain ranges the Landscape view can be one of the most awe inspiring and beautiful images we will ever frame up. Large in scale, lines, imagination and range but filled with so many beautiful details they can also be one of the most challenging to compose.

First Place:
Ancient Bristlecone under the Milky Way by Peter Hines
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Second Place:
Eye of Stokksnes by Wojciech Kruczynski
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Third Place:
Mordor by Nico Rinaldi
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Honorable Mention:
Alpe di Siusi by ​Ales Krivec
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Ancient Whispers by Craig Bill
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“Landscape” 2018 Theme Winners
more at The Motif Collective Photography Gallery

Portraits of Time: Ancient Trees

Portraits of Time: Ancient Trees
Photographs and text by Beth Moon
“”Portraits of Time” is a series of portraits of ancient trees from around the world that explores time and survival, celebrating the wonders of nature that have endured throughout the centuries. This fourteen-year project has taken me on an exhilarating journey to many parts of the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.”

BethMoon010 BethMoon020 BethMoon030 BethMoon040 BethMoon050 BethMoon060 BethMoon070 BethMoon080— – —

Portraits of Time: Ancient Trees
by Beth Moon

via lensculture