The solitude of one

“For this contest I would like to see your interpretation of one in an outside setting. This could be a single person, animal, tree or any inanimate object. The rules are simple, The image must be taken outside and include just one of the main subject. I look forward to seeing your images.”
This contest is created and judged by Allan Copson

Novice Monk
by TOM
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A solitary women in desert
by Wilson Jiang
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Lady on the dock
by laregina
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Vestrahorn Selfie
by Marc Clack
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Walk on water …
by Vadim Fedotov
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The solitude of one
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Going it Alone: Life-Changing Solo Holidays for 2019

An increasing number of travellers are opting to go it alone, according to an annual travel report published by Abta in October last year. The survey revealed that more than one in six people now holiday solo – up from 12 per cent in 2017 and up by almost one third since 2011.

With all this in mind, we’ve selected some of the most exciting solo escapes as well as inspiration and tips to help you gear up for your next adventure.

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Going it Alone: Life-Changing Solo Holidays for 2019
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Kai Ziehl | Black and white architecture photography

German artist Kai Ziehl approaches architecture photography with a certain style that results in visually powerful, contemplative moments. Ziehl transforms architectural structures into stunning geometric shapes and lines that fill each composition. Light and shadow complement each other in the high contrast scenes filled with mesmerizing abstract forms and feelings of solitude and isolation.

KaiZiehl001 KaiZiehl002 KaiZiehl003 KaiZiehl004 KaiZiehl005 KaiZiehl006 KaiZiehl007— – —

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