Global Roaming | Chris McLennan

Chris McLennan is a New Zealand based travel photographer who works for tourism industry clients around the globe. He has photographed in over 50 different countries to date and has received a number of internatonal photography awards. He is an ambassador for camera brand Nikon and computng giant HP. He also holds endorsement relatonships with Lexar, Lowepro and AquaTech.

Actually to call him a travel photographer is something of a misnomer, as Chris works across travel related genres such as lifestyle, adventure, wildlife and natural history with equal aplomb. The fact that all of these necessitate travel – because his clients and shoot locatons are spread all over the globe – is perhaps the strongest link. In this feature, we’ve chosen to focus on his lifestyle and adventure imagery.

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Global Roaming by Chris McLennan
more in f11 Magazine – Issue 66

Cámaras de montaña

Desde hace tres años, se celebra un certamen que premia, a partes iguales, la complicada proeza de escalar altas montañas, así como hacerlo armado no solo de los complementos necesarios y la energía a tope de carga, sino también en compañía de nuestra inseparable cámara de fotos. Y es que en este tipo de imágenes no solo hay que saber plasmar el momento justo –que ya es arduo complicado-, sino también hacerlo en contra de duras inclemencias meteorológicas, difíciles y largas caminatas, y todo tipo de circunstancias que pueden sorprendernos kilómetros arriba. En esta ocasión, han sido 300 los valientes participantes procedentes de 56 países, los que han presentado más 800 imágenes a concurso. Con estas cifras de participación, el concurso organizado por el Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea se consolida como concurso internacional y de calidad, lo que también se justifica por las fantásticas imágenes presentadas.

“The Lighthouse”
Christoph Jorda
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“Steph Daves. The Joker 5.12+”
Krystle Wright
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“Martian Mountains”
José Allende
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“Chilling Out”
Kamil Sustiak
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“Dream Green”
David Wrangborg
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more from the 3rd International Mountain Photo Contest

Where the world began: Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Spectacular new safari camps in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania are changing the way we experience this prehistoric phenomenon.
Photos by Tom Parker

Dawn at Entamanu and the world seemed newborn. Mists unfurled from the depths of Ngorongoro Crater. Three giraffes materialised like ghosts from behind acacias. Two golden jackals trotted past, and somewhere a hyena barked as the day, and the world, shed their darkness.

more by Stanley Stewart at Condé Nast Traveller

Paths of wanderlust

Get lost on these awe-inspiring hiking trails from across the globe
There’s a beauty to getting lost in nature. Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails stitches together the diversity of the word’s landscapes through the explorative lens of hiking.

Photo by Howard Brown
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Photo by Sanne Boertien and Herbert Schröer
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Photo by Quing Yu
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Photo by Ashley Hill
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Photo by Karin Eibenberger
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Paths of wanderlust
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Nordic Variations // Mission Forollhogna

rennes03rennes00 rennes02 rennes01Les photographes européens les plus talentueux et les plus engagés ont été missionnés pour réaliser le projet Wild Wonders of Europe. En Espagne, en Grèce, en Écosse … Vincent Munier est lui parti à la recherche des rennes sauvages du Parc National de Forollhogna, en Norvège. Une quête à suivre pas à pas.

“Follow Me To” by Murad Osmann


muradosmann01 muradosmann02 muradosmann03 muradosmann04 muradosmann05” Photographer Murad Osmann creatively documents his travels around the world with his girlfriend leading the way in his ongoing series known as Follow Me To. Chronicling his adventures on Instagram, the Russian photographer composes each shot in a similar fashion. We see each landscape from the photographer’s point of view with his extended hand holding onto his girlfriend’s in front of him. “