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Idea: in the fast-paced city, people always complain about lack of time or space to do more. However, we felt otherwise. Taking this insight forward, we decided to use negative space in our communication to simply illustrate the point. Which proved that there is always room for a pet in their life. The message urged people to attend the Adoptathon.

Pranav Bhide
Publicité, Photographie, Direction artistique
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There’s always room for more. Adopt.
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The Black Dogs Project by Fred Levy

Stunning photo series highlights the beauty of black dogs that are often overlooked in adoption.
Photographer Fred Levy may have found his most photogenic subjects yet.

FredLevyBDP00The 44-year-old from Maynard, Mass., recently launched the Black Dogs Project, a photo series that photographs black dogs against a dark background. The initiative tells the story of the difficulties these dogs face when waiting to be adopted.

FredLevyBDP01 FredLevyBDP02 FredLevyBDP03 FredLevyBDP04 FredLevyBDP05— – —

Fred Levy Photography

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