La photo en 7 millimètres

La photo en 7 millimètres
par Guy Michel Cogné

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Les créations numériques sont à l’honneur ce mois-ci, dans Chasseur d’Images, avec un gros dossier basé sur les créations de nos Lecteurs. On y découvre comment vous transformez les portraits en toiles de maîtres, comment vous dramatisez vos paysages et on y glanne plein d’idées pour sortir des sentiers battus, grâce aux nouveaux outils à notre disposition.
Chasseur d’Images, c’est l’image, c’est la pratique, mais c’est aussi le matériel et, ce mois-ci nous avons beaucoup de chance, puisque nous voyons arriver plusieurs nouveaux appareils vraiment exceptionnels, mais dans des catégories très différentes.
C’est d’abord un compact abordable mais talentueux, le Panasonic Lumix LX15.
C’est ensuite un bridge-caméra qui fait tout, et qui en plus le fait bien, à savoir le Panasonic FZ2000.
On continue avec le Fuji X-T20, un « mini-reflex-hybride » presque aussi performant que le X-T2, mais moitié moins cher.
Puis viennent deux appareils à part: le Fuji X100F, compact à focale fixe aux délicieuses senteurs de Leica M, puis le GFX 50s: une vraie « bête de course » dont le capteur moyen format 51 mégapixels sort des images à couper le souffle.
Ce n’est pas tous les jours que nous sommes enthousiastes comme ça mais, franchement, ça vaut la peine. Plongez vite dans ce numéro.

Chasseur d’Images

The 12th Annual Palm Springs Photo Festival

The Palm Springs Photo Festival Connect 2017 offers the opportunity for professional, emerging professional & serious advanced amateur photographers to study with legendary photographers, show portfolios in our celebrated portfolio review program, check out the latest gear, attend cutting-edge seminars, symposiums, networking events and enjoy evening presentations by world famous image-makers. The inevitable relationships that are made or renewed at PSPF can oftentimes be transformative.

Dirk Dallas
— – —

Peter Lindbergh
— – —

Henry Leutwyler
— – —

Nigel Parry
— – —

Scott Frances
— – —

The 12th Annual Palm Springs Photo Festival
Connect 2017
May 7-12

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Sony World Photography Awards | 2017 Shortlist

Sony World Photography Awards
2017 Shortlist

sonywpa03aGrey Matter(s)
Tom Jacobi, Germany
Shortlist, Professional, Landscape, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sonywpa03b— – —

sonywpa03cAfrican Wildlife at Night
Will Burrard-Lucas, UK
Shortlist, Professional, Natural World, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sonywpa03d— – —

sonywpa03eFoley Hits, Malaysia, Shortlist, Open Competition, Culture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sonywpa03fFan Chen, China, Shortlist, Open Competition, Wildlife, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sonywpa03gSpace & City Rules
Dongni, China
Shortlist, Professional, Architecture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sonywpa03h— – —

Sony World Photography Awards | 2017 Shortlist
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You Can’t Be A Photographer Without A Camera

You Can’t Be A Photographer Without A Camera

bestcamera02aThe best camera is the one you have with you, but that’s doubly true if it’s a system that’s right for the job at hand.

bestcamera02b bestcamera02c bestcamera02d bestcamera02e bestcamera02f bestcamera02g bestcamera02h bestcamera02i bestcamera02j bestcamera02k bestcamera02l bestcamera02m bestcamera02n bestcamera02o— – —

You Can’t Be A Photographer Without A Camera
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2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Results Announced!

2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Results Announced!

‘Dancing Octopus’
Gabriel Barathieu (France)
— – —

upoty2017bBritish Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017
‘Out of the Blue’
Nick Blake (UK)
— – —

So Yat Wai (Hong Kong)
— – —

‘Your home and my home’
Qing Lin (Canada)
— – —

‘Face to face’
Ifj Lorincz Ferenc (Hungary)
— – —

« From my own point of view, I have been captivated not only by the winning images but also by the stories behind how those images were achieved. The conception, the planning and the physical effort to achieve a successful result; it is those efforts that we, as judges, pay our respects to by taking out two days to meet up, sit together and look in detail at all the images. It is a mammoth task but one that we all agree is a privilege to be part of. »
Peter Rowlands, Chair of the jury 2017
— – —
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Vittoria Ceretti by Jamie Hawkesworth

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2017

vittoriaceretti02aThe wild and magical coastal landscapes of the Shetland Islands were the origin of this collection. Their natural beauty has inspired local artisans who have passed their skills down through generations of women for centuries. In particular, gossamer fine Shetland Lace, worn by crofters’ daughters and royalty alike, woven with indigenous flora and fauna–wild heather, clover, poppies and roses; sea birds and underwater creatures both real and mythical–is re-imagined.

vittoriaceretti02bThe colourful interiors of solitary, deserted houses, faded over time and glimpsed through windows, fishing huts, sea walls, shipwrecks, lost treasure, Celtic paisley and the stoles and shawls sported by Scottish nobility are also referenced. Hand-sewn, patched Taatit rugs, traditionally given as wedding gifts, form the backbone of the story. When families are joined in wedlock, two of these are sewn together to become one precious symbol of unity and love.

vittoriaceretti02cSoftly tiered, narrow Shetland inspired lace dresses with delicately frayed edges are woven with the Tree of Life, ocean waves, spider webs, peerie flowers and cockle shell designs and worn with intricately worked leather harnesses edged with rows of jingling bells. More dresses are panelled, both oversized and worn close to the body, constructed out of patches of richly-coloured Fairisle knit. This is deconstructed further, pieced and patched with hand crochet or enhanced with tiny metal rings.

vittoriaceretti02dFine leather jackets are pieced and embellished with shipwreck rose embroideries. Voluminous dresses in handkerchief weight cotton voile are printed with bright blue thistle buds or delicately trailing florals and gathered to the torso with fine leather harnesses. The floral designs behind the embroidered leather, chain stitched leather and beaded lace panels are inspired by Sarah’s collection of antique fabrics, pieced together to form cutaway leather frock coats and corsets or jeans.

vittoriaceretti02eThis process is a nod to the Shetland Islands’ spirit of community and kinship. Celtic checks, originally worn by resident clans come in the form of sharp tailoring with wild rose and thistle threadwork and black jet leaf embroideries lending a proud, graphic and masculine edge. True to the Savile Row tradition that lies at the heart of the house of Alexander McQueen, strong-shouldered jackets, kilts and kickback trousers are slashed and panelled with lace. Languid ankle-length dresses in skeletal tulle are embroidered with Scottish wild flowers. They are also engineered in a Celtic paisley and feature a fitted sleeve with a puffed shoulder. A tangle of fishnet knits and embroideries constructed from strings of jet is draped into a tunic top and corseted dress with unravelling fringing.

vittoriaceretti02fThe collection becomes increasingly elaborate, culminating in a sequence of romantic tulle dresses etched with sea creatures in black beaded embroidery. The final looks are a pair of shredded tulle dresses with cascading strings of jet beading, depicting a shipwreck scene of crashing waves in silver sequins, engulfed by the call of the sea.

vittoriaceretti02gJamie Hawkesworth shoots Vittoria Ceretti for Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign.
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