Daily Travel Photo: Best of 2015

Daily Travel Photo: Best of 2015

BestOfNG01aRunning of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
Photograph by David Ramos
— – —

BestOfNG01bThe City of Love
Photograph by Brian Hammonds
— – —

BestOfNG01cTorres del Paine National Park, Chile
Photograph by Gleb Tarro
— – —

BestOfNG01dHamar Woman, Ethiopia
Photograph by Yu Haoliang
— – —

BestOfNG01eQuintana Roo, Mexico
Photograph by Christian Vizl
— – —

BestOfNG01fNorthern Lights Over Iceland
Photograph by Daniele Boffelli
— – —

Daily Travel Photo: Best of 2015
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Encore Maria et Mario…

“Maria Valverde and Mario Casas by Bernardo Doral” a été l’article le plus visité en 2015 pour la 3e année de suite. Merci à Google qui semble bien aimer les photos de cet article!

Les photographes les plus populaires cette année sont Vincent Munier et Kai Ziehl:

vincentmunier105 kaiziehl001Les test d’appareils-photo les plus regardés sont le Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 et le Canon EOS 7D Mark II:

“Léa Seydoux | La belle énigme” a été un article également très populaire:

LeaSeydouxet une sélection d’images publiées cette année:

— – —

Merci à ceux qui ont visité ce blog et aux photographes qui ont fait ces belles images!

Bonne Année 2016

Rolling Stone’s Best Photos of 2015

Rolling Stone’s Best Photos of 2015
Rolling Stone’s photographers captured dozens of stunning images of rock stars, actors, politicians and other bold-faced personalities this year, from revealing portraits to action shots. Click here to see 38 of the very best RS photos from the last 12 months.

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Rolling Stone’s Best Photos of 2015

2015 Arizona Highways Photo Workshops | 30th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners

2015 Arizona Highways Photo Workshops
30th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners

ahpw12a1st Place Arizona Category
Title: Yin & Yang | Location: Watson Lake, Prescott, AZ | ©Theresa Ditson
— – —

ahpw12b1st Place Non-Arizona Category
Title: Fire on the Ridge| Location: Olympic Peninsula| © David Morgan
— – —

ahpw12c1st Place National Park Workshop Category
Title: Snake River | Location: Grand Tetons National Park| © Hanumanth Bollineni
— – —

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The year in pictures 2015

The year in pictures 2015
We ended 2015 the way we started, confronting terrorism both abroad and in the U.S. The Charlie Hebdo attack in early January in Paris shocked the world with its brazenness. The Paris and San Bernardino attacks at the end of the year dramatically increased our awareness of a global threat as the world confronted an increased sense of insecurity in our daily lives.

Year2015aCharlie Hebdo
Credit: Christopher Furlon/Getty Images
— – —

In between, we made history with the restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide and a landmark climate change agreement. We celebrated Team USA’s third World Cup title, saw American Pharoah become a Triple Crown winner and applauded Serena Williams as Sportsperson of the Year. Deflate-gate took away some of the luster from Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Credit: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images
— – —

Year2015cCalbuco volcano
Credit: Diego Main/AFP/Getty Images
— – —

Year2015dCalifornia drought
Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
— – —

Year2015eMerkel and Obama
Credit: Michael Kappeler/Reuters
— – —

Year2015fPamplona’s Chupinazo
Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images
— – —

Year2015gCalifornia fires
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
— – —

Year2015hMigrants off Greek coast
Credit: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters
— – —

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Your Shot: Best of 2015’s Daily Dozen

Your Shot: Best of 2015’s Daily Dozen

DailyDozen12aMigrant workers crossing the Ténéré
Photograph by Jørgen Johanson
— – —

DailyDozen12bEye of the Leopard
Photograph by Wayne Wetherbee
— – —

DailyDozen12cKaali in black
Photograph by Balaji seetharaman
— – —

DailyDozen12dFamily Reunion
Photograph by Jim Chagares
— – —

DailyDozen12eUnderneath a frozen lake
Photograph by Victor Liu
— – —

Your Shot: Best of 2015’s Daily Dozen
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The New York Times Year in Pictures 2015

The New York Times Year in Pictures 2015, published online this week, was edited by the deputy photo editor Meaghan Looram and Jeffrey Scales, the photo editor of The Sunday Review.

NYtimes2015a NYtimes2015b NYtimes2015c NYtimes2015d NYtimes2015e NYtimes2015f NYtimes2015g NYtimes2015h NYtimes2015iJames Estrin spoke with them about the complex process of choosing the photos. Their conversation has been edited.
How many photos do you look at while choosing the Year in Pictures?
Jeffrey: About 150,000.
Meaghan: Wow, that’s so specific.
Jeffrey: I’ve been asked this question before.
Meaghan: It’s many tens of thousands. We do our best to try to look over everything that has been shot by our staff photographers as well as everything that’s been shot on assignment for us. We’re also searching by wire agency and by topic. For one staff photographer, you’re looking at several thousand images for the year. So it adds up pretty quickly.

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