Tour de France Photo 2014

Florilège et coulisses
Drôle d’odysée que celle du Tour de France Photo. Imaginez plutôt: treize bénévoles et un chef cuisinier logeant dans trois camping-cars et reliant en une quinzaine de jours quatorze étapes où chaque fois les attendent des dizaines de passionnés – modèles, coiffeuses, stylistes, maquilleuses, photographes – triés sur le volet et venus, le temps d’une journée, unir leurs talents pour réaliser les meilleures photos possibles. Tous les ingrédients sont réunis pour que l’odysée vire à la galère. Et pourtant, il n’en est rien. Ce portfolio consacré au millésime 2014 en apporte une nouvelle fois la preuve.

TdFphoto2014a TdFphoto2014b TdFphoto2014c TdFphoto2014d TdFphoto2014e TdFphoto2014f TdFphoto2014g— – —

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10 Most Moving Images Of 2014

Getty Images has announced which 10 photos, taken by Getty Images photographers, have made the ’10 most moving images of 2014′ list.
The shots, which the public voted for, include powerful images of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, the Air Malaysia passenger jet crash, a photo of Syrian Kurds battling IS to retain control of Kobani and a shot that captured the civil unrest in Ferguson. The Kiev protests, Robin Williams and the 2004 Asian tsunami also feature in images which made the top ten.

Getty2014aNumber 1 – Ebola epidemic captured by John Moore

Getty2014bNumber 2 – Ebola epidemic captured by John Moore

Getty2014cNumber 3 – Air Malaysia passenger jet crash in Eastern Ukraine captured by Pierre Crom

Getty2014dNumber 4 – Syrian Kurds battling IS to retain control of Kobani by Gokhan Sahin

Getty2014eNumber 5 – Civil unrest in Ferguson captured by Scott Olson

Getty2014fNumber 6 – Kiev protests captured by Alexander Koerner

Getty2014gNumber 7 – Ebola epidemic captured by John Moore

Getty2014hNumber 8 – Portrait of Robin Williams from the Getty Images archive captured by Harry Borden

Getty2014iNumber 9 – Aftermath of Asian tsunami of 2004 captured by Tom Stoddart

Getty2014jNumber 10 – Ebola epidemic captured by Daniel Berehulak

— – —

10 Most Moving Images Of 2014

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Travel Photographer of the Year

Travel Photographer of the Year is proud to showcase another great set of images as the 2014 winners. Once again they are very different from last year’s winners. Some you will find beautiful, others show a more gritty side to travel photography. All were taken by talented photographers – amateur, semi-professional and professional.

Travel Photographer of the Year
Winner — Philip Lee Harvey, UK

What the judges thought….
As with last year’s overall winner, Philip entered a number of high quality portfolios in different categories; the judges felt that these two were the strongest. Lalibela, Ethiopia and the Himba of Namibia have been photographed many times yet, despite our familiarity with these subjects, these elegant images of Lalibela and the beautiful and intimate Himba images have captured the subjects in a striking way.
The two sets of images are shot in very different styles. The Lalibela portfolio uses the portrait format to show the depth of the rock-hewn churches and this is complimented by the photographer’s angle of view in this difficult lighting.
The portraits of the Himba woman are beautiful in their detail and limited colour palette, capturing the tribal shapes and patterns in strong compositions.
— – —

Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2014
Winner — Samuel Fisch, USA (age 17)

— – —

Young Travel Photographer – 15 to 18 years old – DESTINATIONS
Winner — Georgia Mulholland, Australia (age 18)

— – —

Young Travel Photographer – 14 years old & under – DESTINATIONS
Winner — Michael Theodric, Indonesia (age 12)

— – —

Natural World Portfolio – EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER
Winner — Marsel van Oosten, Netherlands

Runner Up — Peter Karry, UK

— – —

Best Single Image in a Portfolio – EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER
Winner — Jakub Rybicki, Poland

tpotyJakubRybicki01— – —

Creative Travel Portfolio – SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE
Winner — Piotr Trybalski, Poland

— – —

Best Single Image in a Portfolio – SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE
Winner — Timothy Allen, UK

tpotyTimothyAlleni01— – —

Winner — Johnny Haglund, Norway

tpoty JohnnyHaglund01— – —

Winner — Joshua Holko, Australia

tpotyJoshuaHolko01— – —

Travel Photographer of the Year

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Favorite Photos from 2014 by Ian Plant

Favorite Photos from 2014 by Ian Plant

IanPlant2014a“The Walking Dead”—Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia
— – —

IanPlant2014b“Rio de las Vueltas”—Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina
— – —

IanPlant2014c“Sunset Sojourn”—Etosha National Park, Namibia
— – —

IanPlant2014d“Spirit of the Forest”—Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
— – —

IanPlant2014e“Dark Alley”—Fes, Morocco
— – —

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— – —

from “30 Favorite Photos from 2014”

by Ian Plant

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Animal photos of the year 2014

Animal photos of the year 2014

AnimalOTY001David Caird/Newspix/Rex

AnimalOTY002Kevin Schafer/Minden/Soelnt

AnimalOTY003Scott Cromwell/Solent News

AnimalOTY004Ina Fassbender/Reuters

AnimalOTY005Patrick Pleul/AP

AnimalOTY006The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images

AnimalOTY007Giedrius and Dalia Stakauskas/Caters News

AnimalOTY008Craig Jones/Barcroft Media

AnimalOTY009Andrew Yu/News Dog Media

AnimalOTY010David Jenkins/Caters News

AnimalOTY011Gunther Riehle/Solent News


AnimalOTY013Irina Furashova/Caters

AnimalOTY014Christian Miller/HotSpot Media

— – —

Animal photos of the year 2014

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2014 Annual Readers’ Photo Contest Winners

A huge gallery of images from our biggest photo contest of the year
For the past 21 years, we’ve been putting on our annual Readers’ Photo Contest. Every single year we’re impressed by the sheer volume and the overall quality of the images. It’s not that we have low expectations. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s that every year, the talent pool just seems to grow.

PopPhotoW001Grand Prize Winner: With A Bang
by Bob Larson

PopPhotoW002Winner, Object/Still Life: Lincoln Logs
by Ben Harder

PopPhotoW003Winner, People: The Kaparot Ceremony
by Kieran Gosney

PopPhotoW004Winner, Action/Sports: I Love Summer
by Krista Long

PopPhotoW005Winner, Cities/Architecture: The Chapel
by Joe Constantino

— – —

some finalists:

PopPhotoW006The Beast
by Daniela Berzuini

PopPhotoW007Bixby Bridge by Starlight – Big Sur, CA
by Christopher Axe

PopPhotoW008Heart of Sharjah
by Shoayb Khattab

PopPhotoW009Galapagos Dreams
by Rebecka Bloom

PopPhotoW010Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Lost
by Lauri Griffin

PopPhotoW011Rock Star
by Ben Harder

PopPhotoW012It’s a Dirty Job
by Ken Greenhorn

by Matthew Malkiewicz

PopPhotoW014Old Customs House
by Klaus Gensheimer

— – —

2014 Annual Readers’ Photo Contest Winners

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