00100011. Who am I? Zeroes and ones. A code. For what? A reduction. Why? My distillation into a binary world. Two numbers in a sequence. A sequence? A chain of life. The genome of our universe. The genome of Me.

What used to be down is up. Our footprint, our identity, our stuff. We exist in a cloud rather than on the ground. Technology has tidied us up and hijacked us into an era of post-individualism. Where does that leave Me? Is this why everyone is scrambling to define their identity? Their spirituality? Their network? How do We fit into this new sequence? What do Our zeroes and ones add up to? What do our interconnected digital footprints mean for our future?

But is it Art? Is it Important art? Will it stand the test of Time? Is it worth the Ask? Will I be able to sell it for More? Who decides if it’s Art? Who tells us if the Brillo Box is significant, or just derivative of the Soup Can? Who’s in Charge here? Hello??

— – —

The Treachery of Impermanence
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