Take a walk on the wild side

Take a walk on the #Wild2020 side and discover the winning photos from Agora’s latest photo competition, featuring the world’s best nature photography with more than 9219 photos submitted. Indonesian photographer @cymot won the contest with his photo ‘Need to drink’ that gathered the most votes during the 5 voting rounds on the free-to-use photography app.

“Orang-utans normally steer clear of water, in order to protect themselves from predators such as crocodiles and snakes. You can tell that even if she climbed down the tree to drink, she’s being very wary of her surroundings. It was an extraordinary and unexpected moment.”
— – —

‘My daughter’ by @tinozavrus
“I wanted to show the inner freedom of the child and dissolution in nature. It was very difficult to shoot because there was an invasion of mosquitos!”
— – —

‘Gnaw and gnaw’ by @nik_kupchenko
“Here, the endless tundra winter lasts for half a year and the temperature drops below – 50 degrees Celsius. During a work trip to the far north, far from civilization, it is sometimes possible to meet these local inhabitants. This time, I was lucky to meet with a furry polar predator – the Arctic fox …”
— – —

‘Relax’ by @heisen22
“This national park in Japan is famous because monkeys can bath in the hot springs. I shot these three monkeys that were relaxing with funny faces.”
— – —

‘Hug me’ by @himelnobi
“The pied kingfisher is a species of water kingfisher widely distributed across Africa and Asia. It was winter, the breeding season where pied kingfishers are always busy. The male catches lots of fishes in order to impress the female. The more successful he is at catching fishes, the more chances he has to mate with a female. The male and female were very interactive with each other. Finally, the male successfully satisfied his female and got allowed to mate, until another male showed up and started to fight …”
— – —

Take a walk on the wild side
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Agora is a free-to-use photography app that gathers a global community of more than 3,5 million users from 193 countries. Over the past couple of years, Agora has transitioned from being a social photo market to a digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide.

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