Studies of Light – Color

Featured in this collection are images displaying a quality of Light by various artists.

Rex Naden represents a new thrust in photography.
One that embodies excellence in visualization and recording… taking advantage of advanced camera, processing, and printing technologies. He captures the best of the old – while shifting to the new as soon as proven better.
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For 40 years Robert Glenn Ketchum’s imagery and books have helped to define contemporary color photography while at the same time addressing critical national environmental issues, and have made him one of the most successful artist/activists in American history. As an undergraduate at UCLA, Ketchum studied with Edmund Teske and Robert Heinecken. His first published photographs were of 1960’s era rock bands, including The Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Donovan and Traffic. Mentoring with Leland Rice during post-graduate work at California Institute of the Arts (MFA, ’74), Ketchum expanded his discipline from black & white to color and began to focus on the natural world and the legislative policies that manipulate it. What has transpired since is a notable legacy to both art and nature. Ketchum and close friend, master printer Michael Wilder, pioneered Cibachrome color printmaking in the early 1970’s.
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As a master photographer, Wynn Bullock was one of five artists whose archives established the University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography. His work may also be found in the permanent collections of over 90 major institutions throughout the world as well as in numerous publications.
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Studies of Light – Color
more at Lumiere Gallery

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