The power of change

Sometimes, we need to consider making big changes. Tracy Calder talks to three photographers who embraced change – be it camera systems or their very way of life

Elia Locardi changed careers, and everything else!
Elia and Naomi’s top tips:
1- Prioritise life experience over making money. Everyone is different but think about what really matters.
2- The barrier between getting what you want and not getting what you want is trying – you have to try.
3- Don’t put off things that are important to you, just to maintain a lifestyle you don’t really want.
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Jody MacDonald changed from amateur to pro
Self taught
Due to the isolation, Jody honed her photography skills through trial and error. ‘At the time I didn’t have access to the internet so I couldn’t just look up tutorials or go on YouTube,’ she recalls. ‘I just had to figure it out!’
— – —

Kate Hopewell-Smith – changed manufacturers, careers and camera systems
Kate’s top tips
1- You’ve got to hold a camera and work with it to know if it’s for you. Don’t expect to be able to do this by reading reviews or reading the manual.
2- To begin with, using a new camera is a nightmare, but you will get used to it. And however intelligent the camera’s software is, you will need to be able to take control of the settings yourself.
3- Customise your camera. Brent and I have ours set up the same so we can, quite literally, throw them at each other during a shoot; but that’s quite unusual!
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The power of change
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