The 2019 Wildlife Photo Contest

Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Dennis Stogsdill
Surrounded By Chaos
We were watching yet another great crossing at the peninsula crossing when I noticed the thousands of wildebeests start to “back up” as they struggled to climb out of the Mara River. And then out of the corner I could see a lone zebra joining the fray so I locked my lens on him and watched as he attempted to progress through the mass of wildebeest and was able to snap off just this one shot.
Canon 1Dx Mark II, 1/640 sec at f8, ISO 1250
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Second Prize Jenny Loren
Becoming a Cheetah
In the Maasai Mara we were able to spend time with a female cheetah and her three cubs. We watched the mom as she attempted to hunt and we even saw her fight off a hyena that was trying to get her cubs one day. It’s a tough life for the mom. Meanwhile her cubs like to have a lot of fun. On this day while she was looking for prey they took off into a field chasing each other around playing. What we noticed is that they were gaining a lot of the skills they would need as adults to survive. They had a good time jumping on each other dragging the other one down. But the one that stood out was seeing them run. They were getting ready for speed.
400mm 2.8, ISO 800, 1/3200, Canon 1DX
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Third Prize Eric Williamson
Sea Bears
Sea Bears photo was taken on July 11, 2015 on the beach of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. A very fogging morning and our plane was on standby. The tide was out and these two COY’s (cub or the year) were out with mom learning how to dig up clams to eat. This photo was taken as the two were following mom to a new clamming spot. I was able to get the lens low at their level in order to keep the perspective correct.
Equipment Used: Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Lens: Canon 500mm, f4, IS Support: Really Right Stuff 34L tripod Head: Really Right Stuff BH55 ball head with a Wimberly Side Kick gimbal.
Photo Specs: Focal Length: 500mm F number: f/5 Exposure time: 1/500 ISO: 1250 Metering mode: Spot
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Finalist Don Martin
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Finalist Butch Mazzuca
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The 2019 Wildlife Photo Contest
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