Sydney Sweeney Is Whoever You Want Her to Be

Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram is a nightmare. Not because of anything the 22-year-old Euphoria star posts — her innocuous feed of vacation snaps and red carpet looks is a publicist’s dream. But, behind the grid, Sweeney’s DMs are a cesspool.

Shortly after Euphoria premiered on HBO, Sweeney’s inbox filled with images of men holding their own penises. In the background, there is usually a TV or laptop screen, paused on one of her character’s scenes. It’s disgusting stuff, and Sweeney sees all of it because, as of this writing, she handles her own social media. The unsolicited attention is especially gross because, she says, “I don’t think I’ve played a 20-year-old yet.”

In last summer’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sweeney played a 14-year old Manson girl named Snake. In The Handmaid’s Tale, she was Eden, a child bride. In 2018’s Sharp Objects, she was the teenage rehab roommate of Camille (Amy Adams), and, in Euphoria, she plays Cassie Howard, a sex-positive high schooler coming of age at 2X speed. With her cartoon-big, downturned eyes and peachy moon face, Sweeney can easily play Hollywood’s fallen angel types. But it’s what she does with the falling part that makes her one of the industry’s most compelling young talents.

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Sydney Sweeney Is Whoever You Want Her to Be
Photographer: Tiffany Nicholson

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