Amongst Giants

Landscape photographer Ted Gore circles the globe creating stunning images of the majestic and the mundane.
It has never been more difficult to make a truly notable landscape photograph. Yes, technology has made mastery of the photographic process more accessible than ever, but it has simultaneously become nearly impossible to create something unique. To stand on the shoulders of those who have come before without recreating the same work is no small feat.

Unique Technique
To be clear, Gore says, in no way is he an illustrator who creates his images in the computer. They’re grounded in traditional photography. It’s simply that he uses multiple exposures and post-processing techniques to make his images come alive. He’s a talented visual artist employing the many tools at his fngertips, as the master manipulators of the traditional darkroom did for decades.
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Amongst Giants
by Ted Gore

more in Outdoor Photographer Magazine

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