Canada: God’s own land

Helmcken Falls – Yoho National Park

– 8900 kms by airplane
– 8 hours by car in one day to get there
– came across into 3 bears in the rainforest
– 22 shots merged
– 8,6 gb the final edit
– 4 hours postproduction
And last but not least…
– scared by the fact the sky would not have been clear
– only 15 m to shoot before the moon rise
– scared by the thought the 3 bears where somewhere around me hoping they would not be approching to close to me!
This has been one of the most intense and powerfull experience in my life! I was in this amazing place (Helmcken Falls – Canada) that is one of the darkest place in the world! (in a scale from 1 to 15 is considered to be 1 – pure darkness)
Hope that something of the emotions of that amazing night would come even to you 🙂
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Giovanna Griffo
Fine Art & Travel Photographer & Camera Raw Expert
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Total lunar eclipse & Super Moon – Oak Bay, Victoria
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Murtle River – Yoho National Park
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Spirit Island – Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park
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I am a fine art photographer skilled in post-production techniques and I teach post production and photography in seminars overall Italy.
I am the editor and founder of the photo community and I collaborate actively with Editrice Progresso one of the most popular photography editor magazines in Italy (Tutti Fotografi, Progresso Fotografico).
I am represented by Art + Commerce – New York and Gallery Stock – London.
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Giovanna Griffo
Fine Art & Travel Photographer & Camera Raw Expert

more at behance

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