Visual Love Letters to Earth

Photographer Aaron Reed shares his love of nature through striking landscape images. A resident of the Pacific Northwest, he focuses much of his attention on the temperate terrain and captures scenes of babbling brooks, massive forests, and monumental mountainscapes. Each composition is a celebration of natural light and color; together, they offer endless inspiration and are the essence of why many people venture outdoors.

Reed views his work—as well as photography in general—as a special way to convey and present his experiences to others. “In my opinion, the gift of a captured, and subsequently shared, memory found in a photograph holds deep value and importance,” he tells My Modern Met, “allowing each of us to experience others’ joy, pain, and life experiences despite being great distances and even lifetimes apart.” Through his photographs, he hopes to show the viewer the natural world in new ways and evoke the same joy that he finds when using his camera.
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more in: “Interview: Photographer Captures Visual Love Letters to Earth with Striking Landscapes”
at my modern met

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