Misadventures In Landscape Photography

How a shared passion can create lifelong friendships
by Miles Morgan

As a professional landscape photographer, I’m finding it considerably more difficult to write this article than I had planned. Conditions here on location are extreme, which makes the mere task of typing arduous, and the head trauma I suffered during this morning’s treacherous shoot is making thoughtful words challenging to come by.

Actually, that’s a lie. All of it. I’m not a professional landscape photographer. I’m a cookie-obsessed commercial airline pilot observing my middle-aged waistline get larger and my hair grow cheerfully in all the wrong places. The only injury I’ve sustained today is a cut to my nose from shaving—which I didn’t even think was possible. Like most of you, I’ve found something that I love in the simple act of clicking the shutter and then going completely Frankenstein in Photoshop.

While I don’t Facetube or twerk or tweet or whatever it is the kids do these days, I’ll occasionally gather up enough courage to post a picture on a photo-sharing site with a “behind-the-scenes” look at the adventure and calamity of it all. On one occasion, while exchanging sunset pleasantries with a fellow landscape shooter, I was shocked to hear him proclaim that he actually had heard of my name and was following me on 500px. I turned to him, eyes narrowing, cookie crumbs dribbling, and said, “So you’re the one.”

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Misadventures In Landscape Photography
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at Outdoor Photographer

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