# make your best shot

Make Your Best Shot

“As the sun went down and the light began to fade, I felt at ease knowing that I had a camera that is perfect for low-light photography. Photographing the workers mining the sulfur through the night I thought would be challenging, however, shooting with the new LUMIX S 24-105mm lens I was easily able to capture their work. Focusing with precision in low-light, as they broke apart the solidified sulfur with metal poles, breaking it into slabs. After gathering the pieces by hand, battling the billowing fumes, they broke down their bounty into sizeable pieces. The continuous focus helped me get a precise lock, capturing them against the lunar landscape, as they labored up, carrying the sulfur laden reed baskets, greater than their own bodyweight, up the steep ascent”
—Daniel Berehulak
— – —

“As a professional fashion photographer, I didn’t expect a mirrorless camera to have such incredible quality. There is a sharpness as well as a softness of colors, a very dynamic range this is really impressive. You can shoot with high ISO and get minimum noise. The pictures are very soft yet cinematic. The lenses, they were a dream. My favorite Lens was the LUMIX S 24-105mm! One other thing to mention, the camera itself reminds me of those cool looking classical film cameras. Very stylish! I truly enjoyed shooting with the new LUMIX! A great choice for any professional photographer.”
—Ekaterina Belinskaya
— – —

“From the very first moment you hold the LUMIX S1 you can feel the difference. The craftsmanship and attention to detail become very clear. This is a very well-made piece of gear. Then there are the images. The LUMIX S PRO 50mm F1.4 (S-X50) lens produces super sharp photographs with beautiful Bokeh, enabling the photographer to creatively decide where the focus should reside in an image. We recently traveled to exotic Cartagena, Colombia where we had an opportunity to photograph a bride and groom in locations that were historically amazing and full of vibrant color. The LUMIX S1 recorded these scenes with accurate color and detail. The LUMIX S 24-105mm F4 MACRO O.I.S. (S-R24105) lens was a versatile workhorse capturing portraits, wide angle location images and close ups of details. It is the type of lens that can spend a great amount of the wedding day on your camera.”
—William Innes
— – —

“I could tell Panasonic really put thought into building theLUMIX S1R.While building this camera, they seemed to consider the typical issues in camera performance photographers run into, and created solutions for the ones we have just been settling for over the years.First off, as someone who loves shooting on location, it’s extremely convenient in size. I never had the anxiety of worrying if I was going to be able to carry it with me to places.
The superb image quality and color rendition is competitive to the nostalgic feel a film camera gives you, and is ultimately,a more cost-efficientoption. The number of autofocus options were overwhelming, their facial recognition AF was extremely helpful while shooting models, especially models in motion. Which brings me to their stabilizer… Needless to say, it’s a beast of a machine in a small package.”
—Oriana Layendecker
— – —

“ Having a camera that can capture the magic of these places without any compromise in quality, durability, or flexibility gives me the opportunity to really focus on my creativity and story. It’s important to be able to trust your camera and feel confident that it will deliver your vision no matter the conditions. I love the fact that I can switch between making photography and creating 4K 60P video films all inside the S1 camera. Also the 4K HDR video mode (HLG) gives me new creative opportunities and make my films ready for the future. These high end technologies give me the opportunity to be flexible in my approach and choose the best way to visualize my story. Whether I want to photograph a scene with lots of details, create an impressive portrait of the amazing people or make a short 4K 60P film, on the traditions of Hula, the camera assists me without compromise.”
—Daimon Xanthopoulus
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