Expert Lighting Control

Photography takes many forms. Sometimes a photographer simply comes upon a scene that they like, and they take the picture. Afterwards, they may alter the lighting ‘effects” in post-processing, (if the light wasn’t exactly what they were looking for). For this article, we culled our photographs from the “Lighting 101” challenge. We looked specifically for photographs that depicted a high level of skill and control in the lighting that was used at the point of creation (in-camera). Enjoy.

by Torben Mougaard
— – —

by Joseph Balson
— – —

Sensual Evening
by Mladen Dakic
— – —

Bea Gardeberg
by Gabriel Riveros Vilches
— – —

by Luca Foscili
— – —

more in: “22 Outstanding Examples of Expert Lighting Control In Photography”
at gurushots

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