MonoVisions Photography Awards | Single Category Winners

Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work.

Our annual competition is open to photographers of all backgrounds and all levels, including – professionals and amateurs. We accept all forms of black and white photography created with traditional or digital methods.

1st Place – Black & White Architectural Photo of the Year 2019
Title: Midtown
From the series “The City Wears a Top Hat”
Author: Trevor Messersmith, United States
Trevor Messersmith is an award-winning photographer and graphic designer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. Trevor provides creative direction to a wide variety of online and print projects through 80east Design, a studio he started in 2002.
— – —

1st Place – Black & White Nude Photo of the Year 2019
Title: zebra nude – curves & lines
bodypainting & photography: Kristian Liebrand
Author: Kristian Liebrand, Germany
Kristian Liebrand, (March 03, 1973) born in Rhede, Germany is a photographer from Germany, who concentrates on nude art photography of women.
— – —

1st Place – Black & White Nature and Wildlife Photo of the Year 2019
Title: Reflection
Three pelicans reflected in in pond.
Author: Daria Huxley, United States
Daria Huxley is an award-winning professional photographer & creative director residing in Brooklyn, NY. She has lived, studied and worked in Germany, Belgium, Russia, Portugal and Hong Kong. Daria’s career as a photographer has lasted over a decade. In photography she specializes in portraiture, travel, and fine art architecture.
— – —

1st Place – Black & White Landscapes Photo of the Year 2019
Title: Elements
First sunshine just after the snow storm. Iceland, February 2019.
Author: Romain Tornay, Switzerland
Romain Tornay was born in 1975 in Valais, in the heart of the Swiss mountains. Traveling the peaks from his childhood, he marveled at this alpine nature and his search for aestheticism led him logically to photography about fifteen years ago. This attraction for the great outdoors then leads him to discover the Far North. Thanks to more than thirty trips to the Nordic countries in all seasons, he has built a solid photographic heritage of northern Europe.
— – —

1st Place – Black & White Travel Photo of the Year 2019
Title: Mother at work
Halong Bay (descending dragon), spectacular place, stunning, a dream for many a work place for others. While traveling in Halong Bay kilometers away from any city, we can see these working mothers trying to sell something to the tourists.Maybe they live in a floating fishers village, mabe not.
Author: Tatiana Gomez, Mexico
Mexican born, raised between Mexico and Spain always seeking for something that captures my eyes attention. Always analyzing, searching, watching.
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MonoVisions Photography Awards | Single Category Winners
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