Top Down

Photographer Petra Leary has captured international attention with her bold aerial imagery. She talks us through taking awesome photos with your drone while staying out of trouble.

Aerial photography has been around for almost as long as photography itself, but, in recent years, new life has been injected into the genre thanks to the widespread availability of drones. But drones’ ability to capture awe-inspiring aerial images is accompanied by their ability to make a nuisance of themselves.

Petra Leary has forged her way in the genre over the past three years. She has watched her Instagram posts go viral, featured in Metro and The Guardian, and has recently held her second solo exhibition, Zero Gravity, which gives a top-down perspective of basketball courts across the country. Focusing on urban scenes for the most part, Petra’s photography is unavoidably public, so she sits in the perfect position to answer the question of how to take those superhuman shots without causing trouble.

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Top Down
by Petra Leary

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