Take Better Travel Photos

How to make the most of your next trip and return home with a portfolio of memorable images
Text & Photography By Ken Kaminesky

The Four Ps To Take Better Travel Photos
Practice. No artist will ever get better at their craft without serious amounts of practice. The good thing is, practicing in photography is fun. Keep shooting in new ways and experimenting with new techniques.

Patience. Don’t expect every shot to be amazing nor think that every time you try something new it will be a giant success. You’ll learn a lot from your failures. The trick is, only show people your best work.

Persistence. Don’t give up! Good things don’t happen to those who simply wait; they happen to those who work their butts off. Don’t be distracted by negative thoughts and give up. The next shot may be the perfect one.

Photoshop. Capturing a great image is just the beginning. Learning how to bring your vision to life by post-processing with the powerful software available to photographers today is the icing on the cake. You’ll never regret getting really good at Photoshop. Trust me.
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Take Better Travel Photos
By Ken Kaminesky

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