Nature’s Best

The POY Award was created to recognize a single photographer or photo team whose body of work has consistently engaged the public through the power of photography and multi-media presentations. We present these award-winners as a part of the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards.

The world renowned photographer and inspirational speaker Art Wolfe has traversed the globe, working on every continent to uncover exciting, new perspectives of nature and indigenous cultures.

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Frans Lanting’s photography has helped create leverage for conservation efforts ranging from local initiatives to global campaigns. Through his many alliances, publications, public appearances, and his ongoing active support of various environmental organizations, Lanting has earned numerous accolades over the years, most recently being named as an Ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands.
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Thomas D. Mangelsen of Jackson, Wyoming, has a flourishing nature photography business with nine galleries across the country. Even with this success, Tom has never taken his eye off the importance of conserving the environment and protecting wildlife. Through his many partnerships, he has helped make an enormous impact on the way the public views and connects with the wild. In both pictures and actions, Tom Mangelsen has engaged and inspired awareness for animals, people, and places, creating a unique appreciation and celebration of planet Earth and our place in it.
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Cristina Mittermeier is driven by her strong passion for the environment and preservation of biodiversity worldwide. With a mission to discover, document, and communicate through the power of photography, Mittermeier created the International League of Conservation Photographers.
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Florian Schulz is a professional nature photographer with a mission to protect large endangered ecosystems across America. The youngest founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), Schulz is constantly searching for unique images that will motivate the public to take action.
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Howard Ruby is an outstanding photographer, business leader, and conservation advocate. Chairman of Oakwood Worldwide, Ruby not only implements important plans to reduce greenhouse gases within his own company, but he also launched a visually-supported mission to bring awareness to climate change concerns through his photography and educational outreach.
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Photographer of the Year Award Winners
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