Yesterday’s charm, Tomorrow’s technology, Today’s solution

Steampunk styling meets modern tech in the Cruzer, an e-bike that looks gorgeous on the road and can do 30mph off it

Introducing the Rayvolt Cruzer
If there is a word that properly describes Rayvolt’s wide lineup of e-bikes, it would be swagger. Its design concept seems to invoke the legendary era of early-1900s Indian motorcycles, the 1969 Café Racer and 1970 Beach Cruiser. In contrast to the many highly utilitarian-looking e-bikes on the scene, Rayvolt’s e-bikes are a virtual feast for the eyes.

Not only are these e-bikes pleasing to look at, they are designed around what Rayvolt calls EVIA: an “intelligent virtual assistant” that connects wirelessly to the bike control system and facilitates access to the motor and battery settings, the regenerative braking system, embedded GPS, mapping features, and diagnostics support for motor and battery.

The Rayvolt philosophy is to develop and promote alternative transportation by offering our riders a clean, high tech and stylish way to commute. The Rayvolt Name is born from the sun, “Ray” and the electrical unit, “Volt”, which when integrated enable an electrical “Revolution” or “Rayvolution”.
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Yesterday’s charm, Tomorrow’s technology, Today’s solution
Introducing the Rayvolt Cruzer

more at rayvolt

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