Blue for you

Wow! There’s an incredible amount of atmosphere and texture in this shot from the low cloud and fog on the lake surrounding the island so the bright highlights on the church really pop out. We love the use of colour in this shot and the predominantly blue colour palette gives the scene an ominous and melancholic mood. It’s a marvellous composition that really drawers the viewer in and that’s why we’ve chosen it as the winning image this month. Top job!

Foggy morning in Bled by melis82
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in blue by Emanuel Pereira Aparício Ribeiro
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Little island by zeltner evelyne
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Ice cave by Bragi Kort
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Sisters in blue by Laura Benvenuti
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Blue for you
For this Canon-only contest, presented to you by PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, we’re asking you to submit your best ‘Blue for you’ shots! Show us how you shoot this beautiful and diverse colour…

more at photocrowd
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