This dreamy Arctic scene won National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest

Meet the photographer behind the grand prize—winning photo and learn how it was taken.

On a stormy spring day, crisp winds blew across the snowy peaks outside Upernavik, Greenland. Locals considered the balmy -30°C temperature a warm March evening, so they scampered to run errands under the setting sun. Photographer Weimin Chu had settled on a slope near the airport with views of colorful homes below.

Hoping to photograph a person strolling or children playing in the landscape, he was excited to see a small family making their way under the streetlights instead. Working with precision in the low light, he captured the image he had envisioned—and the grand prize of the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest.
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Photographer Weimin Chu describes the “wow moment” that led to his stunning image.
more by Sarah Polger at National Geographic

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