Mother’s Love

This Vietnamese woman has a speech disorder but it does not stop her from continuing her life as a mother of two.

A mother’s love is unconditional despite her speech disability, a hardship that can be too much to overcome, yet she stays strong for the sake of her children.

Having a month-old baby behind her and a two-year-old baby in her hand, life must go on. When life gets tough, the tough gets going. That’s how this mother overcomes her daily hardships. However, her life is full of hope when she is looking down at her children.

Edwin Ong Wee Kee | Malaysia (Grand Prize Winner) | “Hope” Category
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Small bully
A small bird snoops in on a bird of prey mid flight almost bullying him while he transports his next meal.

Chen-Kuang Chen | Taiwan (1st prize winner) | “General – Colour” Category
— – —

Tibor Kercz | Hungary (3rd prize winner) | “General – Black & White” Category
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A Stormy Day
A young boy plays in a street filled with water after heavy rains in Sabang, Central Jakarta, 2010.

Fanny Octavianus | Indonesia (1st prize winner) | “Hope” Category
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An Unlikely Encounter
A baby humpback whale, interacting with a freediver in the clear waters of Tonga. At less than 2 months old, he is bigger than a car, feeding on milk until he is strong enough to make the journey back to Antarctica with his mother. This playful giant swam around us while his mother rested down below.

Karim Iliya | United States of America (2nd prize winner) | “General – Colour” Category
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Winners of HIPA’s eighth season ‘Hope’ announced.
more at Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award

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