Urban Landscape

It’s time to go metropolis mad and get creative in the urban environment. The human-made landscape can be a visual feast for photographers. We’re looking for any angle on the subject; from industrial vistas to amazing architecture or perhaps you want to communicate a deeper message about the concrete world we’ve made.

The Voyage – Elena Paraskeva
Crowd Winner
— – —

Traditional local boat in Victoria Harbour at sunset, Hong Kong – Stefano Zaccaria
Crowd Winner
— – —

Impressions of Eros – PJS
Expert Winner
— – —

Urban Landscape – Shoykot Roy
Crowd 2nd | Expert 3rd
— – —

Magical Urban Monochrome – Mohammed Al Janabi
Crowd 2nd | Expert Commended
— – —

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year is back for 2019 with an amazing £30,000 prize fund up for grabs. This year the awards are free to enter thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, mpb.com and Affinity Photo.
This year the awards are completely free to enter, and photographers 25 years and younger can take part in both the main awards AND Young Photographer of the Year.
For the overall winner the judges will be looking for a standout photographer who has not only won a round (or several) but has also demonstrated a range of skills and visual awareness in different categories.
— – —

Urban Landscape | Round 1
view all results at Photocrowd

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